Monica stands for residents of Ward 1 in Clarkstown. Learn about her stances on issues close to Clarkstown residents here.

Protecting Clarkstown from Overdevelopment

One of the reasons many of us moved to or stayed in Clarkstown is that it’s a quiet, safe suburb. That character that has become a core aspect of our lives is under threat from overdevelopment due to lax zoning laws from the current planning board and town council.

You’ll see signs of this all over Clarkstown. Schimpf’s farm across from Felix Festa Middle School is becoming a luxury senior living center. Rockland Country Day School was purchased by the town, which pledged to keep it as an open space, however new proposals have been drawn up to build multifamily housing there. More plans have been shared to build multifamily luxury senior housing at the old Vanderbilt Lumber site. Most recently, there’s a proposal to build a six story luxury apartment building in the DeCicco’s plaza in New City. 

As your councilwoman, I pledge to fight these efforts and preserve the character of Clarkstown. Development is something that should be carefully managed and vetted. Affecting our skyline is one thing, but safety is another. The Vanderbilt and DeCicco’s proposals will put more vehicles directly onto Route 304, where we’re already struggling with traffic and deadly accidents. That also poses a threat to the pedestrians, many of them seniors, that would be near the properties. Eliminating our green spaces can lead to flooding as the ground cannot absorb the heavy rain. 

Public Safety – Safe Streets

As a mom of young children, walking to our bus stop is a safety concern. I led our neighborhood coalition to bring this issue to the Traffic and Safety Board. After much persistence, we convinced the town to take action, creating a safer environment for our children.

If elected as your next councilwoman, I will work with Clarkstown Police, Highway Departments, and the community to identify potentially dangerous areas before they become deadly.  

Public Safety – Mental Health Services

During the pandemic we all had to take a step back & re-evaluate priorities. For me this meant joining the Meals on Wheels Telephone Reassurance Program, where I built connections with neighbors through regular phone check-ins and conversations.

Health & safety extends beyond our external environment to our internal mental health. If someone is unable to access needed care, unsafe conditions can arise affecting that individual and those around them. 

If elected as your next town councilwoman, I will fight for resources that address accessibility and availability of care to prevent personal health issues from becoming safety concerns.

Encouraging Small and Local Businesses

Through my work with the Greater Nanuet Chamber of Commerce, I’ve highlighted and promoted local businesses. I also helped organize the first Nanuet Fall Fest showcasing local talent, musicians, artists, organizations, and more.

If elected as your next town councilwoman, I will continue to work with local businesses to promote the success of their endeavors within the community. When local businesses succeed, we all do.

Rational Housing Improvement

Maintaining our quality of life and protecting our green spaces are part of what makes our community so special. I’ve volunteered with Keep Rockland Beautiful and with my kids Cub Scout Pack 46 to preserve our local parks and playgrounds.

If elected as your next town councilwoman, I will ensure that our natural green spaces continue to be protected, and that any new building or remodels adhere to our zoning laws, as well as utilize sustainable and eco-friendly measures to prevent negative impacts on our local ecosystem, and comply with neighborhood character.